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MZL Guide

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1MZL Guide Empty MZL Guide on Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:58 pm

Who can do it ?
Tank needs to be above 14k armor. Preferably Swarm or above shield. Heal needs to be at least full T1 epic, or just good Wink I switched my T1 only when I made 2 T3’s Epic. With T3 it’s much easier cause your stamina is better ( use scrolls to make it easy for yourself ). Team needs to have tank, heal, milli or mage in for the minimum.

Tank runs up the ramp swift strikes the red core and pulls with bow the four other red cores. Mage fires and wipes these cores as quick as possible. These cores drain Mana. Rest of the mobs is simple just heal normal, keep everyone on restore and you will be fine.

At Patridon ( left boss ):
Tank runs around Patridon:
Tank takes mobs and aggros with swift strike every group. Mage, milli or ranger interrupts the charging Patridon. Heal just restores tank to keep him alive. After the second time that you see the message “Three waves of bugs are coming” you can come to Patridon and the mage start flame storm, skyfire and after that Shockwaves and Patridon dies quickly.

At X-11 ( right boss ) :
All stand in the left behind corner at a hiding place for the mob damage. Tank pulls X11 towards the group and joins them. Tanks need to stand a little bit closer to the edge, otherwise X11 can reset. For the rest just do as much dmg as possible and normal healing. Use restore often as heal. If you use restore well, it heals all back to full health and you only need to use a few ROH’s or a pray. You won’t need any mana pot, not even a divine breath.

At core:

Tank runs from corner to 1 and ½ corner further. At energy core make sure you stand between cores legs, do Ankle slash to interrupt energy core and run as fast as you can, ( lightning kills fast ).

Heal stands at the next corner from tank, just so he can restore and ROH the tank. In the beginning heal restores all players, wait like 5 seconds before use an ROH, do another one after and restore at least yourself and the tank, if possible the others. Then it depends on the dmg of the dps's if you get quake first or core first :

• If energy core is first and dmg is really low, you can keep the restore to heal your team.
• If energy core is first and the dmg is mediate, you better pray, because the lightning plus the quake kills your team.
• If quake is first, just keep restore and you will be fine. Just before the quake ends start an ROH to get all team health back up.

My personal preference is to have quake first. Normally you will miss one core then.

As milli or assa ( close range dps ) it’s best to stay killing during the quake, then do one or max two attacks and run out of range. So you are gone before the energy core drops. Wait till tank brings the boss out of the flashdamage range and enter with your melee attacks.

In principle if an energy core pops up, restore tank and yourself on the run. Run to middle of the 2 corners, do a ROH, run to the 1 and ½ mid of the corners ( compared to where you were ) and do another ROH. After if all healths are up, do a restore on yourself first then tank and after dps’s. ROH whenever you can.

On the second quake you use pray ( if you didn’t have to on the first ), or you make sure that everyone has restore working. Make sure you ROH immediately after the quake, I tended to be too late with that.
Dps’s, all ranged dps’s stay close to heal and do as much dmg as possible to ensure quake comes before the first energy core pops up.

3rd quake make sure everyone is on restore and you all live through. If you had to use pray at the first quake, you can probably use quake again.

I’ve healed core till some days ago with full T1 epic and if the dps dmg is not too high, you can pray on every quake.

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2MZL Guide Empty Very nice guide on Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:08 pm

I was wondering if you could answer a  couple of questions:

What is the effect/approximate damage from earthquake and "healing core"?

Do they both stun?

And some people said pray on earthquake and others said pray on core, pretty much everyone said pray and run but if the effect of pray lasts 12 seconds in the area you are standing wouldn't it make more sense to run then pray? Or does the effect move with you?


PS: I didnt realize this was a guild forum, I am not in your guild or even on your server. Sad I ran across your guide using google, but there are so few really detailed accurate guides out there for OAC (and so few people well informed enough to write them) I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer those questions? If not, I totally understand and will not be upset if you delete this post.
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