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☆HAVEN☆ The oldest and most established guild on this server. We are an adult and mature guild that has a lot of fun. We have high morals and ethics. MINIMUM ENTRY LEVEL 60 MASTER CRAFT

Are you looking for a "Pro" guild, join ☆HAVEN☆, we invented the Pro in Prozac. We like all Pro races from Level 70 and above Wink

Haven't had sex for a while? Well don't worry, if you join Haven today, Towser will change all that. We have a special Harem for the good looking ladies. Funnily enough, I'm in charge of that area... Min level 70

Do you like helping others and want to get better. Join ☆HAVEN☆. We give each other Greater Rings, as a sign of love Wink

Do you like helping others to improve in this game. Are you sick and tired of people calling each other all kinds of names, cause you understand that this is just a game and you just want to have fun Wink Join ☆HAVEN☆, our ports are open from lvl60. No obligations, just enter and enjoy.

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