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AGL Guide

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1AGL Guide Empty AGL Guide on Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:58 pm

Who can do it ?
Tank needs to be above 14k armor. Preferably Swarm or above shield. Heal and dps’s need some T3, it’s good to have stamina in this dungeon and it’s important to have dps power at the last boss.

At entrance, you can take the 2 groups at once, if you have a mage in the team. Use the switches, if they are all down, you can enter.

First group of mobs contain an archer. Stun the archer, if you don’t stun, he will snipe you with a lot of dmg. So Stun him. Healer best heals from a distance to avoid the beetles stunning the heal. Do the same thing on the opposite ramp with the archer and kill the other 2 groups, if you have a mage in team all at once.

First boss, Ilystin
Not too hard. You can make it easy if you kill the beetles before they reach Ilystin, then the damage will not be spread to the others. At the end the blue bar will charge quickly and will give her half her health back, make sure you interrupt her, tank or mage can do that, other chars, I don’t know the interrupt spell for.

Boss heals twice with low dps. And he starts healing after he has like 5% hp left. Mili or ranger can interrupt both. If you don't have one in ur team, tank and mage need to sort out who interrupts first (they have too long interrupt cooldown for both heals). Also you can help your healer if u kill exploding critters by moving to one of three areas where you see a white pillar. Critter dies when it moves through the pillar.

Walk down to and hide on the left side in the wall. Tank pulls the archer and heal prays immediately or after one ROH. Kill them quick they do a lot of dmg. Go up the stairs in between the mobs and kill the mobs on top, do it as a team, stun them all preferably, again they do a lot of dmg. Go to the right, avoid the mobs, up the stairs again, stay on the left side of the wall and kill only the last group. Again, make sure to stun the witch and watch out for the patrol.

Up the ramp, best to pull the non-beetle mob out with a bow and kill him first then kill both beetles.

Second boss, Mechanical Origin.

Spread out , but in reach of pray and ROH. Tank middle, ranged dps back middle. Healer one side, other dps other side to the pillar. Now from start, healer just needs to spam ROH, if a beam of light comes down, get out quick and return to your position once the beam is gone, best is to take a few steps back, stay away from eachother !! It damages a bit wider then only the beam. At spheres , nobody should move, the healer prays and keeps on using ROH or restores team. Then same thing till the end.
DPS power is key here. The more dps the team does, the less damage Origin himself gives. You can’t avoid the lightning, so you can stay standing if lightning comes, same is true for the spheres. You actually don’t need a tank at this boss. If you run it with 2 close range dps s ( milli and assa ), then let the tank stand next to Core in front, most tanks can handle that. You just need to do a lot of damage and have enough stamina to outlive the beams he throws. You also have to be a bit lucky. I tried to heal it, but when he lands 3 beams on a row on you, you die.

Ok, please comment if I forgot anything or if you would like to add something.

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